Growing Your Relationships Part 2 ~ Creator & You -Merimbula


This two-day class is designed to help you to deepen your relationship and your connection to Creator and to support you to trust your intuition.

What You'll Learn: 

🌍  Gain a deep understanding of how you and your subconscious works.
🌍  Learn and be able to discern between getting an answer from the creator and your ego and learn how to separate the two.
🌍  Deepen your relationship with the creator.
🌍  Clear limiting beliefs preventing you from having a deep and powerful relationship with the creator.
🌍  Watch live digging demos.
🌍  Receive plenty of healing downloads and much more……

Course Details

When: Saturday 1st of February to Sunday 2nd of February
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Payment Option:


Tina Pavlou is a clairvoyant - a seer into the spiritual realms, who works with the seven plains of existence and the spiritual laws; a Theta Healer and teacher and Angelic Reiki Master and teacher from the south coast of England. Tina specialises in empowering people to live their best lives by giving them the spiritual tools to do so. After experiencing the Dark Night of the soul, she made it her passion to help as many people as she could, so they would never have to experience as much suffering and pain as she has. It is impossible to be around Tina without feeling anything other than positivity and love as she vibrates on such a divine, Goddess high frequency. Her passion is just love.