ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Practitioner Training


Next Program: 21st-23rd August 2020

The Advanced course is where you simplify the ThetaHealing technique, fast-track your intuitive and healing abilities and gain an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence.

If you need to learn a lesson, do you find yourself learning the hard way or the easy way? The hard way being, you are forced into a situation or you repeat the lesson over and over again. The easy way being, you are voluntarily choosing to grow.

Some people go through life experiencing the same lesson over and over again. This could be learning how to love, what it feels like to experience joy, or how to be in a trustworthy relationship. In this course, you receive over 50 pages worth of downloads of beliefs and feelings instantly. As a result, you fast-track your learning and raise your vibration to live in harmony, joy and love.

Payment Option:

- Accelerate the ThetaHealing® technique
- Receive over 50 pages of new feelings and beliefs
- Increase your intuitive and healing abilities
- Dissolve resentments, regrets and rejections easily
- Gain an in-depth understanding of the 7 Planes of Existence
- Grow your confidence and self-esteem
- Facilitate a healing on a plant
- Perform scans on plants and crystals
- Download non-organic material with programs
- How to perform an ancestral reading and higher-self reading
- Receive miraculous healing through exercises such as mending a broken soul and sending love to the baby in the womb
- Simplify the ThetaHealing technique

The Seven Planes of Existence are what makes up everything.

7th Plane: The Divine Energy of Creation exists here. This is referred to as Creator and Unconditional Love. Accessing this plane will bring truth, love and harmony into your life and bring forth your manifestations easily.

6th Plane: All the Laws of the Universe reside here. The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Time, The Law of Compassion and the list goes on and on. Learn how to manipulate the Law of TIme and allow time to work in your favour.

5th Plane: The ultimate Plane of Duality is the 5th Plane. Here there are polar opposites i.e. faith and fear. Accessing this Plane you can talk to your Angels, Ascended Masters and your Higher Self. Talking to your higher self gives you direction and clarity in where you are going and boosts your confidence.

4th Plane: The Spirit Realm holds all spirits that exist including loved ones who have passed and Ancestors who are guardians. Learn how to meet and speak with a loved one.

3rd Plane: The Physical Plane is where the physical body of humans and animals live. Discover how to do a healing on animals and perform energy clearings on your home and office and download powerful intentions.

2nd Plane: Work with organic matter like plants, flowers, trees and vitamins. Perform healings on plants to grow in beauty, strength and love.

First Plane: Non-organic matter such as rocks, minerals, crystals and heavy metals reside on the first plane. Learn how to reprogram crystals with specific tasks such as protection, guidance and energy.

Where: Radiant Soul Academy ~ Studio 3 / 650 Sydney Road Brunswick